UK Trading Law

How Do UK Trading Laws Affect Companies That Sell Insulated Roofing Sheets

If you own a company that sells insulated roof sheets and sealants, you need to familiarise yourself with UK trading laws that apply to your industry. Failure to comply with these laws could result in penalties. There are several laws that apply to businesses that sell construction materials and a few laws that specifically apply to roofing materials.

General UK Trading Laws

There are a few basic laws that all UK businesses have to follow. These include paying business taxes, listing prices in an upfront manner and offering returns or refunds to customers. A customer can ask for a refund on the insulated roofing sheets they purchased from you, unless they were aware that a flaw existed, simply changed their mind or caused damages to the roofing sheets themselves.

Laws Specific To Thermal Performances

There are a few UK trading laws and regulations that apply to insulated roofing sheets. There is a specific method that needs to be used in order to determine the U-value and thermal transmittance of the products you offer.

Laws Specific To Building Performances

Some laws require roofing material manufacturers to design products with a few issues in mind. These issues include preventing mold and humidity problems, reducing thermal bridging and meeting air tightness requirements. There is also a specific method that should be used to measure the air tightness performance of your products.

Laws Regarding Fire Hazards

Some materials are legally considered as fire hazards. Make sure the materials used to manufacture the insulated roofing sheets that you offer are not considered as fire hazards by the law and by insurance companies. The materials used to make spacers, restraints and other elements used during the installation process should also be fire resistant.

Environmental Policies

There are no UK trading laws regarding environmental protection but a lot of businesses decide to follow specific environmental standards to reduce their footprint. You should be aware of this since products that meet these standards should be interesting to a wider range of commercial clients. Find out more about the materials that will help businesses meet environmental standards and about the kind of performance requirements for a building that meets these standards.

Laws Regarding Roof Work

If you offer installation services, there are a few other regulations you need to familiarise yourself with. Because roofing can be dangerous, there are a number of laws and best practices that you should follow to prevent accidents. These include providing adequate training and equipment, using safety systems, protecting the public while working on a building and providing a safe escape route in case of a fire just to cite a few examples.

Trading laws are a complex topic and it is important to be familiar with the regulations that apply to what you do. You should take the time to go over UK trading laws that apply to all businesses and should think about contacting a legal professional if you have any questions or want to find out how you can be more compliant.

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